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Big Reveal: $1.275M For a Park Slope Co-Op With Spiral Stairs

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Not many commenters liked this week's apartment, a two-bedroom, two-bathroom loft in Park Slope—the asking price for which is $1,275,000. No one hit the ask right on the head, though Countess LuAnn came close with a guess of $1,251,000—"per the Price is Right rules." The apartment is located in a two-story building at 113 Sterling Place between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, in a prime part of the neighborhood. But that's probably not enough to assuage commenters' concerns, which range from "the spiral staircase of death" to the metal flooring in the master bedroom to the (seemingly nonexistent) door to the private patio. But at least one person was on board with it: "I like but it's kind of a strange place," said grandmasterbeta. "It would be fun to live there."

How Much For a Park Slope Loft With a Spiral Staircase? [Curbed]