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Revived Condos at Midtown's MiMA Tower Start From $1M

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These apartments have had quite the tumultuous journey going from condos to rentals and now back to condos again, but we'll get to that in a little bit. For now, the condos at 460 West 42nd Street, officially known as Manhattan View at MiMA, have a teaser website, and will be priced from $1 million upward, The Real Deal, reports.

The condos are located in the top 13 floors of the building on West 42nd Street. The project was first developed by Related Companies in 2009, but by the time the units were move-in ready in 2012, the market was worse for the weather, so they were subsequently offered as rentals. That's when Kuafu Properties and Shanghai Construction Group America came to the rescue. Kuafu purchased those floors for $260 million last year and is now offering them in the form of 151 units, the priciest of which will be above $6 million.

The condos occupy floors 51 through 63 of the MiMA building. Related continues to own the floors below.

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