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432 Park Avenue's First Closed Sale Appears As $60K Rental

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The ink has barely dried on the deed for the first recorded sale at 432 Park Avenue, and already that apartment—a three-bedroom unit that sold for $18 million—is back on the market. Well, the rental market, anyway: It popped up on StreetEasy recently, asking $60,000 per month. (That's $720,000 a year for those playing along at home—which hardly puts a dent in the sale price, but hey.) The buyer of the apartment was a generically-named LLC—432 Parkview—so it's no big surprise that the rental turnaround happened this quickly. Per the listing, the apartment measures 4,003 square feet, and it has an eat-in kitchen, two (!) master bathrooms, an entrance gallery, and a private elevator. Also notable: There appear to be actual photos of the apartment, not just the same renderings we've seen before, offering an unadorned look inside the building.

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