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Manhattan West Makes Real Progress In Midtown West

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While Hudson Yards is getting a ton of press, there is actually another big development right alongside it – Manhattan West. Thanks to photos posted by Field Condition, we can see that major progress is being made on two of its structures. At, 450 West 33rd Street, now being called 5 Manhattan West, the 1969 Brutalist office building on Tenth Avenue between West 31st and 33rd streets, a major chunk of the facelift is already complete. Three of its four faces have been mostly re-clad is dazzling glass (the exception being the north face).

Nearby, the brand-new 62-story residential tower at 401 West 31st Street is over half-way up, having reached the 44th floor. That building will eventually have 844 units and amenities such as a regulation-sized basketball court and climbing wall.

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