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Behold The Spiral, Bjarke Ingels's Terraced Addition to Hudson Yards

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Tishman Speyer has revealed the design for its Hudson Yards tower, illustrating the future of one of the new west side neighborhood's largest sites. The project, a 1,005-foot office building designed by Bjarke Ingels Group and unveiled by the Wall Street Journal, will span the entire block bounded by Tenth Avenue, Hudson Boulevard, 34th Street, and 35th Street. Hudson Yards aficionados will remember the site as that of Hudson Spire, a conceptual 1,800-foot tower used to market the parcel back in 2014. That design may have had height, but what Bjarke Ingels has created for the site is a soaring glass tower wrapped in vertical gardens.

The tower will sit one block north of Related's Hudson Yards, and at the terminus of the High Line, where Ingels says it will "[punctuate] the [linear park] as the dot on the end of the question mark." The architect is referring to the 65-story tower's prominent terraced gardens, which will wrap around the building and contribute to its name: The Spiral.

The building's layout is intended to encourage collaboration and inspire creativity and productivity, the Journal says, which will be aided by stairwells in open-air atriums that will connect different floors of offices while allowing employees to bypass elevators. The foliage that will wrap around the building is also intended to bolster creativity.

In all, The Spiral will have 2.85 million square feet, of which 27,000 will be devoted the retail. Tishman Speyer has already secured $1 billion in equity from international investors, and is looking to pre-lease about 30-percent of the tower. The search for an anchor tenant is on.

At 1,005 feet, The Spiral will stand exactly as tall as One57, and will become the fourth largest tower in the Hudson Yards neighborhood. Now, enjoy all of the new visual goodness below.

The Spiral Video from Curbed on Vimeo.

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