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Historic Bowery Buildings Will Give Way to Hotel-Condo Hybrid

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Demolition work is now underway on a row of historic buildings located on Bowery that will make way for an eight-story hotel-condo development, Bowery Boogie reports.
Plans call for the creation of 46 hotel rooms and 21 apartments that will replace three buildings located at 138-142 Bowery, according to BB.

Some of these buildings date back to the late 18th Century. Emmut Properties acquired a parcel of five properties on Bowery between 134-142 Bowery for $47 million last year.

Plans for 134-136 Bowery are not yet not known, but demolition scaffolding has gone up on the rest of the properties. At the moment there's a partial stop work order on the buildings due to lack of protection measures, but aside from that the hotel-condo development is scheduled to be complete next year.

Since all these buildings are located in the Special Little Italy District, zoning requires that the new building have a maximum height of 85 feet and also have significant masonry, according to BB.

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