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Affordable Units in BAM Cultural District Tower Will Start at $801

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A new image has emerged of the interiors of one of the units at the 52-story building at 250 Ashland Place, coinciding with the launch of the affordable housing lottery at the project, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Of the total 586 apartments at this development, 282 units are affordable. The apartments are open to a wide range of incomes and household sizes. In regards to income, that range goes from $28,835 to $200,400, according to the affordable housing website for 250 Ashland Place.

In the lowest income bracket, 24 studios renting at $801 per month are open to individuals making between $28,835 and $36,300. Conversely the highest income bracket offers a three-bedroom apartment priced at $3,649 per month for a family of six making between $126,995 and $200,400. Here's the list with the full range of incomes and household sizes.

Market rate units at the building start at $2,800 for a studio and go up to $6,500 for a three-bedroom, according to WSJ.

The Fort Greene-based project has been developed by the Gotham Organization and designed by FXFOWLE. It is expected to be complete later this year.

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