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Lightstone's Gowanus-Grazing Apartments Open to Renters

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The apartments along the canal will ask from $2,000

On Tuesday, the new apartment building at 365 Bond Street will avail itself to renters, officially beginning what developer Lightstone Group hopes will be an upward renaissance for the area. The 12-story building sits directly adjacent to the noxious Gowanus Canal, a superfund site known for, amongst many things, the 10 feet of unidentified gunk nicknamed black mayonnaise that coats its bottom. But Lightstone Group is ready to move beyond that. "This is one of the last remaining unexplored waterfronts in the city.…Everything is a punchline until it’s not," the company's senior VP told the Journal after casually reminding everyone that the Hudson River is also a superfund site.

The Journal reports that studios in the building will ask from $2,000 and one-bedrooms, from around $3,000. Asks for its smaller stock of two-bedrooms have yet to be unveiled. Building amenities will include rooftop sun decks, valet parking, doormen, and a gym overlooking the canal. Less singular amenities like yoga classes and wine tastings will also be offered. The building is the first of two to rise in the development, with its neighbor at 363 Bond Street springing up by this time next year. The buildings will share the waterfront esplanade that Lightstone has already built out at the site.

More than 56,000 people applied to live in the building's 86 affordable apartments through its housing lottery, where studios were listed from $833, and one-bedrooms from $895. A deep dive into the neighborhood by the Times in 2014 turned back that rent in the area was increasing at a rate twice as fast as the rest of Brooklyn's. At the time, the median rent in the neighborhood was $3,134. According to StreetEasy, the median rent of apartments on the market right now is $3,175.