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For $4.75M, a Park Slope House That's Fit For the Suburbs

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The Neergaard House, located on a corner lot in Brooklyn, is a stunner

Park Slope residents are probably familiar with Neergaard Pharmacies, a 24-hour mom-and-pop drugstore that has a few outposts throughout the neighborhood. The Neergaard family started the chain in the 19th century, and in 1913, family patriarch Charles Neergaard built a large homestead at the corner of Eighth Avenue and Third Street. Now, that Neo-Federal house is on the market asking $4.75 million, and it stands out not just for its size—4,000 square feet—but also for the fact that it looks more like a suburban home than a typical Brooklyn brownstone. (Assuming that the suburbs are full of lovely early-20th-century houses, of course.)

Neergaard hired architect Aymar Embrey II, later known for his collaborations with Robert Moses, to design the home; what resulted is a lovely detached house on a corner lot, which not only affords it plenty of outdoor space—seriously, there's a patio and a yard—but also the rare amenity of a private driveway (though no garage). There are five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and even a rec room in the basement.

And while much of the house has been updated—there's a brand new kitchen, heated floors in many of the bathrooms, and central air—many of its original touches remain. The entrance, flanked by columns, leads to a foyer with a wooden staircase; there's a formal living and dining room on either side, and a few restored wood-burning fireplaces throughout.

So basically, it's the charming, turn-of-the-century Neo-Federal home of our dreams, transplanted to the middle of Brooklyn. (And it's part of the Park Slope Historic District, to boot.)