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Williamsburg CB Rejects Zoning Changes For Larger Office Spaces

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But the CB is in support of the Gensler-designed office building set to rise at 25 Kent Avenue

UPDATE: This post previously stated that the Community Board had rejected plans for the office space at 25 Kent Avenue. The CB in fact decided against a 14-block rezoning proposal within the Williamsburg Industrial Business Zone (IBZ) put forth by the Department of City Planning, which 25 Kent Avenue is a part of. Curbed regrets the errors.

Plans for Williamsburg's first ground-up office building in decades have been approved by the local community board while a larger plan proposed by the Department of City Planning to rezone 14 blocks in the neighborhood for more office space has been rejected. DNAinfo first reported on the community board meeting where the decisions were made Wednesday.

The larger zoning proposal would have allowed the developer to build more office space and provide light manufacturing space in exchange. CB1 decided that they wanted to see how it works with the project at 25 Kent Avenue first before deciding on the wider area under consideration.

For the project at 25 Kent Avenue developers Heritage Equity Partners and Rubenstein Partners are seeking special permits to add light manufacturing spaces to their proposed office building. Those special permits pertaining just to the 25 Kent project were approved by the community board.

As of right the developers can build retail and offices but have to include some kind of community space like a school or a medical facility. Through the special permit, developers will be able to add light manufacturing in place of the community facility, along with more retail and office space.

The project is currently making its way through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP). The community board was the first step. Next up is a public hearing organized by the Brooklyn Borough President's office on March 21.