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Extell's Lower East Side Tower Set to Launch Sales in the Fall

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The 800-foot tower will sit just north of the Manhattan Bridge.

Extell representatives participated in a meeting of Manhattan Community Board 3’s Land Use Committee on Wednesday and revealed that domestic sales at the towering One Manhattan Square will begin in September, Bowery Boogie reported. Located at 252 South Street on the Lower East Side, the latest new building permit indicates the 800-foot-tall development will have 72 stories (Bowery Boogie says 80), encompassing 815 units. Completion is slated for 2019.

There were some other nuggets gleamed from the CB meeting. The 13-story so-called poor door affordable building at the complex is set for completion in 2018. How will lower income residents of the area benefit from One Manhattan Square? By "adding vibrancy," was the answer.

Some of the nuggets were bad news, such as that there have been four water main breaks since Extell began work. We reported that complaints from a neighboring building led to a partial stop work order. Well, it turned out 60 to 100 apartments at 82 Rutgers Street were damaged. Extell expects the order to be lifted soon. Concerns were also raised about the reflectivity of the glass façade, but those were dismissed.

There is also the intention for "affordable" supermarket at the complex, but no firm commitment was made.

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