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Designer Juan Pablo Molyneux Trades Opulent Townhouse For Midtown Duplex

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The AD 100 designer picked up a 4BR duplex on East 57th Street after finally selling his UES house

In November, interior designer and AD 100 darling Juan Pablo Molyneux finally unloaded his very designy Upper East Side townhouse after a series of epic price chops that brought its ask from $48 million to $22.5 million. Now, public records show that Molyneux just closed on his new digs, a four-bedroom, four-bathroom duplex at 322 East 57th Street. The duplex comes with a large north-facing terrace, two fireplaces, and 20-foot ceilings in the living area. Molyneux purchased the apartment for just a fraction of what he sold his last pad for: $4.75 million.