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Third Time Was the Charm for West Village Condos

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Occupancy of 175 West 10th Street is expected this fall or winter

Designing new buildings in historic districts is a tricky business. Such was the case for 175 West 10th Street, as the New York Times reported this week. The irregularly-shaped lot at the corner of Seventh Avenue South was picked up in 2012 by Continental Ventures and Ithaki Acquisitions, with the intention of construction condos with ground floor retail. They hired IBI Group Gruzen Samton to design it, but that design didn’t fly with the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

So, the developers didn’t just scrap the design, they scrapped the firm, switching to BKSK Architects, a firm with extensive experience designing in historic districts. The LPC said the initial BKSK design was too industrial and too tall. So, BKSK lopped off the top floor and added details to "hint at" the historic context of the area, including bands of brownstone. The LPC approved that design in 2014.

Now, the building is nearing completion, with Greystone having purchased a majority stake, and occupancy is expected late this fall or early this coming winter. The second through fifth floors will have floor-through condominiums of about 2,700 square feet, followed by an over 3,000-square-foot duplex penthouse. The lower floor units start at $6.6 million and the penthouse is nearly $10 million. A sales gallery will open this month at 137 Seventh Avenue South.

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