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Mayor de Blasio's Affordable Housing Initiative Gains a Huge Backer

Real Affordability For All has endorsed the mayor's affordable housing plan, with a few tweaks

Finally, some much-needed good news for Mayor de Blasio's affordable housing plan. The 10-year, $41 billion initiative has gained the support of one of its most vocal opponents, Real Affordability For All. So what's changed? The Journal reports that the mayor's vision for increased affordable housing throughout New York City may expand to include lower income New Yorkers, something the group has long rallied for. The mayor's office has agreed to conduct a study on how to expand the plan to include New York City's residents of lesser means.

The coalition of tenant and antipoverty organizations wants the city to expand its coverage to tenants making 30 percent of area median income. Currently, the plan requires developers to build affordable units for residents making 40 percent of area median income, of about $31,000/year for a family of three. Real Affordability For All upholds that the existing plan will fail those who need it most, especially in low-income neighborhoods targeted by the plan, like East New York.

The plan has yet to come before the City Council, but the Journal reports that they're "increasingly poised to pass it."