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Why One Couple Gave Up Their NYC Apartment For Life on a Boat

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From apartment to boat, one couple saves big while still living in NYC

One thing that's true of New Yorkers is that they'll find ingenious ways to stay in the (very expensive) city they love. For one couple, that meant switching up their living situation to something more unorthodox. Mel Magazine profiles a young couple who gave up their nearly $5,000/month Nolita live on a boat.

This isn't a boat that's going anywhere, either. It's docked in the Hudson River, at least for the winter. Those prone to seasickness may rethink the whole deal when they hear that it costs the couple just $360/month.

"When you have a really awesome apartment in New York, you don't get to do fun things because you're paying for your rent. And so this was a good compromise to figure out a way to be able to get out more and have more fun on New York cost of living," Victoria Fine tells Mel. Together with husband Jon Vidar, Fine shares roughly 200 square feet (which is more than some people settle for in NYC.) Here's how they make it work.