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Notorious Park Slope Landlord Is Suing Tenants' Children For $50M

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He claims the tenants' children are trying to prevent their eviction and block the sale

A Park Slope landlord is trying to evict the last set of tenants from his senior assisted living facility and to that effect he has filed a lawsuit against the tenants' children, the New York Post first reported.

Haysha Deitsch, the owner of 1 Prospect Park West, is suing the children of the remaining tenants for $50 million. He claims they're trying to block the eviction, and a potential sale of the building.

Deitsch purchased the building in 2006 for $40 million, according to The Real Deal. In subsequent years he tried to evict about 100 tenants. Thereafter there was a lawsuit saying the facility was operating without a license, and a host of other problems have been associated with the controversial landlord and the building.

Last year Deitsch tried to sell the property to Sugar Hill Capital Partners for $76.5 million, but he was unable to evict the tenants due to pending legal action. As a result Sugar Hill sued him as well for delaying the eviction.

Now it seems Deitsch is attempting yet another approach to move forward with his plans.