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This Interactive Map Shows Where Women Live in NYC

The Upper West and East Sides have particularly high female populations

If you've ever wondered what the gender makeup of New York City's neighborhoods is, wonder no longer. Cartographer Andrew Hill of CartoDB created a map showing just what those areas are (h/t DNAinfo), using information from the Census Bureau’s 2014 data. The darker pink sections of the interactive map below show areas with a female population of 52 percent or greater, while the white ones show a female population of 49 percent or less.

So where will you find the most women in the city? The two densest neighborhoods in Manhattan are the Upper West Side and Upper East Side. In Brooklyn, it’s Park Slope, Crown Heights, Brownsville, East New York, Canarsie, and East Flatbush. By contrast, fewer women live in Jackson Heights and Woodside, Queens or Sunset Park and Borough Park, Brooklyn.

Another interesting thing about the map is that it shows you where people don’t live at all: in parks (obviously) but also in heavily commercial areas such as Midtown. You can also pan away from the New York City area to see the data for the rest of the country.

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