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Frank Lloyd Wright's Old Plaza Suite Returns Asking Just $26M

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The legendary architect's Plaza Hotel residence is back with a price cut

plaza frank lloyd wright suite

From 1954 to 1959, during the construction of his iconic Guggenheim Museum, legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright lived in a four-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom suite at the Plaza Hotel, filling it with his own custom furniture and dining frequently in the hotel's famed Oak Room.

Though the apartment has changed hands in the more than half-century since, it's still known as the Frank Lloyd Wright Suite—and one lucky (and wealthy) architecture buff now has the chance make it their own Taliesin. Business Insider reports that Wright's former apartment, suite 409, is on the market again, asking $26 million.

Keen-eyed Curbed readers will note that this is substantially less than the $39.5 million that the apartment was asking when it was last on the market in 2015. Its owners, Lisa and James Cohen, initially dropped the ask to $32 million in October, then de-listed the unit and took it to Elliman for the lower price point, clearly hoping to move the unit more quickly.

So aside from the cachet of living in a former FLW residence, what does $26 million get you? The suite was renovated in 2011 by Louis Lisboa of VL Architects, and interior designer Susanna Maggard, and features custom closets, a huge en-suite master bath, high ceilings, a "gracious foyer with art display walls," and more. (For FLW obsessives without the cash to buy this apartment, may we suggest a quick trip to Chicago to have cocktails in one of his houses instead?)

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