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Explore 311 Complaints Coming From Your Building With New Tool

A new Google Chrome extension lets you browse 311 complaints when viewing listings

Richard Cavalleri /

All New Yorkers know 311 is the place to go with complaints of any size and shape of the non-urgent variety. See a possum? 311. Neighbors throwing a loud party at the unsavory hour of 11 p.m.? 311. Odor of unidentified origin? 311. The result of this is a wide-reaching collection of complaints made available to the public. The objective is for the complaints to make it to official ears, but there's also a useful way to use 311: to learn the nitty gritty of a building or neighborhood.

Now, there's a tool for that. Aliza Aufrichtig, who some adamant Curbed readers might remember, and Hari Mohanraj have created an extension for the Google Chrome browser that displays complaints filed with 311. When the extension is installed it will turn red, yellow, or green when browsing listings websites to indicate the extent of complaints filed to that address. Clicking on the icon displays those complaints.

Lots of complaints are the run-of-the-mill rodent/noise/paint/plaster, which are pretty important to know when scoping out new listings. The app can also be used subversively for some lols (of course, at others' expense.) Here's a smattering:

Find any other weird complaints? Drop us a line.