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Here's How Michelle Williams Will Transform Her Crumbling Brooklyn Mansion

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The Oscar-nominated actress is planning some big changes to the Ditmas Park home

Last year, actress Michelle Williams put down roots in Ditmas Park, buying a sprawling eight-bedroom mansion at 1440 Albemarle Road for $2.5 million. And while the house itself is a lovely, historic structure—it was built in 1905, and sits within the Prospect Park South Historic District—it's definitely in need of some work.

But as Brownstoner points out, it looks plans to renovate the home are moving right along. The calendar for next week's Landmarks Preservation Commission includes an item for the Ditmas Park structure, stating that the application includes plans to "alter the rear facade and porch, replace siding, and install HVAC units and fencing at the rear yard."

Brownstoner got a look at the presentation materials, which apparently include the following changes:

Significant changes include replacing a door with a window, altering the rear facade and porch, replacing the siding, and installing HVAC units and fencing in the rear yard.

The largest proposed change is taking a small back porch that currently has four columns — clumped into pairs — and creating a porch twice the current size but with just three columns. Williams also proposes to replace an unoriginal-looking door with a stained glass window.

There's also an application on file with the DOB to make interior repairs to the home, with Matiz Architecture and Design listed as the applicant. The firm has previously worked on restoring landmarked structures, including Pratt University's Higgins Hall and one of the lovely Greek Revival homes that lines Washington Square Park.

So expect the "Tara of Prospect Park South" (the broker's words, not ours) to look a bit more grand, assuming the LPC doesn't object to the changes.