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Inside the Warhol-Filled Sales Gallery of Aby Rosen's Midtown Tower

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Get a peek at the over-the-top sales office, located in the Seagram Building

Aby Rosen is keeping busy these day: The developer is behind the transformation of 190 Bowery and the landmarked Paramount Hotel, among other buildings. He's also responsible for One Hundred East Fifty Third Street, the Midtown residential tower designed by Norman Foster + Partners, which launched sales earlier this year. Curbed recently got a tour of the space, which is as over-the-top as you might expect.

The sales gallery is located within another of Rosen’s acquisitions, Mies van der Rohe’s iconic Seagram Building on Park Avenue. Taken together, the buildings seem to be two sides of the same coin: the Seagram is one of the best examples of Van der Rohe’s Functionalist ideals, while One Hundred East Fifty Third takes inspiration from that idea, according to Foster. The Seagram is a striking black column, rising a little more than 500 feet above midtown; Foster's building, meanwhile, is an austere white, and dwarfs its neighbor by about 200 feet.

Inside the sales gallery, a scale model of Foster's tower shows off the structure's faceted exterior, while a smaller model shows it in relation to its iconic neighbors, the Seagram and Lever House. And, because we're talking about an Aby Rosen building, the gallery is filled with items "from Aby's personal collection," including a Warhol, a Basquiat, and a Twombly. Seriously:

Though the gallery isn't intended to represent a single apartment configuration, it does show off some of the ultra-fancy finishes that'll be in the new building, including travertine counters, "diamond-polished high-grade concrete flooring," and custom oak cabinets. The building also now has a partnership with Quintessentially Lifestyle, a company that "will provide high end, hotel concierge-like services" to residents, such as help with interior designs or securing restaurant reservations. (Ah, to be rich.) Check out more of the space below:

100 East 53rd Street

100 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022