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Behold, the Bizarre Leg-Shaped NYC Building That Never Was

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Of course it was designed by a Russian billionaire

Leave it to a Russian billionaire to design one of the most wackadoo buildings that never had the pleasure of rising in New York City. Pegged to the news of China's ugly building ban and his new design for a tower shaped like a cobra, CityLab has revisited the work of Vasily Klyukin, a "Tony Stark-type" (their description) who has decided to funnel his mental and monetary resources into designing what can objectively be referred to as really bad buildings.

For example, there's his design for Top Sexy Tower NYC, an anthropomorphic structure depicting a woman's leg peeking out of a curtain. "Someone will be shocked by this idea, someone will find it beautiful and sexy. Someone—vulgar, but everybody, without an exception, would want to observe such a tower or visit it at least once in a lifetime," Klyukin told CityLab, following up that he would "personally like to live in this tower." He's probably alone in that.

Klyukin is probably also alone in wanting to see a Manhattan in which Barbie—the six-inch plastic doll—is mayor. Enter BARBIEHATTAN, Klyukin's design for said Barbie rule (which really just looks like someone having fun with Photoshop, but still.)

The list of projects Klyukin's designed for New York City goes on; there's America Plaza, a building shaped like an A (for America, get it?) that's wrapped in red, white, and blue lights and punctuated with a star cut-out. Klyukin explains further,

This guy truly is the Donald Trump of architecture.