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Soori High Line Condos and Their Private Pools Return, Asking From $3.5M

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The swanky condos with one very outrageous amenity are back on the market

No, you're not hallucinating; a few of the condos at Soori High Line already hit the market nearly two years ago, but according to a rep for the building, a full roll-out was postponed until the apartments were closer to being finished. Now that we're nearing that point—the development is expected to be completed in 2017—more of the Soo Chan-designed apartments have hit the market, and with those come new renderings and floorplans for the units.

Soori is notable, of course, for the fact that many of its apartments come equipped with over-the-top amenities, including private pools in a bunch of its 31 units—and these new units don't disappoint in that department. The ones coming to market this week range from a 1,240-square-foot two-bedroom (sans pool) asking $3.5 million, to a duplex penthouse with more than 1,000 square feet of outdoor space (which does include a pool), asking $15.1 million.

Private Pool-Equipped Soori High Line Condos Hit the Market [Curbed]

Soori High Line

522 West 29th Street, New York, NY 10001