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Walker Tower's Most Expensive Penthouse Gets a Hefty Pricechop

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The record-setting penthouse was listed for a mind-boggling $70 million

Given the Walker Tower's history of fluctuating apartment prices—they're up! they're down! they're combined into one mega-apartment asking a ridiculous amount of money!—it should come as no surprise that its priciest penthouse is now on the chopping block. Penthouse 1, owned by British-born entrepreneur Neil Moffitt, has been on the market for $70 million for nearly a year now, but a tipster sends word that the nearly 6,000-square-foot pad has gotten a hefty cut to $55 million—yep, that's a $15 million cut.

Moffitt originally bought the apartment back in January 2014, and its $51 million sale price set a record for the most expensive apartment ever sold in downtown Manhattan. But he was only in the place for a hot minute—long enough to stage it and do little else—before re-listing it for the unfathomable $70 million asking price. It's been sitting on the market for more than 300 days, which may explain the chop. But if it does sell for the adjusted price, it would still break its own record, which is…something.

Walker Tower

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