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Hell's Kitchen 'Manse' Returns For $15M After Major Gut Renovation

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The "Midtown castle" returns to the market with a slew of new, stunning features

When a listing explicitly refers to the property it's advertising as "The Manse," you know it's going to be good. Whether it's the townhouse itself, or the over-the-top listing brokerbabble that takes the cake at 416 West 51st Street is a close call. But The Manse (which, by definition, is the house occupied by the minister of a Presbyterian church) has a reason to be stuck up. It's undergone a serious upgrade since 2011, when it sold for $3.05 million.

The townhouse returns to the market after a complete gut renovation with double-height ceilings in the living area and master bedroom, four additional bedrooms that are as large as most peoples' apartments at 500 square feet, a "magically restored" stoop, and a "breathtaking wood burning fireplace, adding warmth and character rich with the history of this midtown castle."

The property served as the Hell's Kitchen outpost of the Christian Brothers from 1953 through 2011. The listing elaborates,

Occupied by the Christian Brothers from 1953 to 2011, The Manse served the community as the brothers organized youth athletic leagues and a variety of parish programs designed to keep young off the streets. A beacon of hope for troubled youth growing up in the tough West 50's, a neighborhood once comprised of tenements and gang violence. Today 416 West 51st street is the new epitome of luxury townhouse living in Manhattan.The Manse is now asking just shy of $15 million.