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Financial Guru Suze Orman Sells Her Plaza Apartment for $4M

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The money maven paid $3.6M for the apartment in 2007

Financial guru Suze Orman told the Journal in 2014 that if she can't write a check for something, she can't afford it. Well, the money maven can afford a whole lot more now—like, probably a whole other apartment. The sale of her one-bed, two-bath Plaza pad just hit public records, and Orman and wife Kathy Travis raked in an even $4 million on the 1,279-square-foot apartment, for which they paid $3.6 million in 2007.

Orman and Travis listed the digs for $4.5 million in September, before shearing back its ask to $4 million. The Plaza has its own mounting financial woes, but Orman steers clear of those in her personal life. She told the Journal that the same apartment on the other side of the building with park views was asking $3 million more, and that was a financial don't.

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