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National Academy Museum Will Sell Its Fifth Avenue Headquarters

Facing insurmountable financial issues, the arts org is forced to sell

Say goodbye to one of Museum Mile's underrated gems: After more than 60 years on Fifth Avenue, the National Academy Museum will sell the two buildings that make up its Upper East Side headquarters.

The New York Times reports that the museum's board has decided to offload the two buildings, located at 1083 Fifth Avenue and 5 East 89th Street, because they had become too expensive. "It’s about making a new history," the board's vice president, Wendy Evans Joseph, told the Times. The academy hopes that by selling the buildings—which together are valued at around $107 million, at least as of four years ago—it will be able to find a new home and climb out of debt. The museum is due to close in June, though there's no word yet on where they plan to relocate.

The Beaux Arts buildings that make up its HQ, meanwhile, are part of the Carnegie Hill Historic District, and per an old New York Times piece, it was reimagined by its onetime owner, Archer Huntington, in "a more sophisticated French townhouse design."

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