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Renzo Piano’s Hudson Square Condo Gets More Renders

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115 condos spread out over two towers in Hudson Square

The most detailed renderings yet of the Renzo Piano-designed residential building at 565 Broome Street have emerged, and construction is currently underway at the site in Hudson Square.

6sqft feet was the first to get its hands on the renderings, though those designs are at present out of date, a PR rep for the project told Curbed.

Plans call for the construction of 115 condos spread out over two towers that will rise to 290 feet.

The project is being developed in collaboration between Bizzi & Partners, Aronov Development, Halpern Real Estate Ventures and Cindat Capital Management. Our previous coverage had Michael Shvo take centerstage on this development, but he's one of the stakeholders in the project, not a developer.

Sales are expected to launch either late spring or sometime in the summer. The project previously also had 555 Broome Street and 100 Varick Street as its addresses.