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The M Train, Like the L, Will Partially Shut Down For Sandy Repairs

Thanks, Sandy

Those who live off of the L train are already doomed given its imminent shutdown for repairs, and now those in northern Brooklyn along the M train get to join in on the misery. Before the MTA can begin work on the L, they must remedy a few issues with the M. Work on the line that serves Bushwick and Ridgewood will begin as soon as next summer and continue for several months, the Daily News reports.

As is the case with the L, work on the M will involve making repairs to damages caused by Hurricane Sandy. "We want to get this work done and make sure the M has no issues of performance when the L work is going on," MTA chairman Tom Prendergast told NYDN.

Work will begin as soon as summer 2017 on a bridge that carries the M train over a rail yard. Over that two-month period, no M trains will run between the Middle Village-Metropolitan Avenue and Myrtle Avenue stops.

After that, the agency will demolish and rebuild a viaduct over an eight-month period. Throughout that time, passengers between Middle Village-Metropolitan Avenue and Myrtle-Wyckoff Avenuewill have access to a shuttle train.

While those ten months of work are ongoing, M trains will be rerouted to the J/Z line between the Myrtle Avenue and Broadway Junction stops.

Think all that sounds bad? Knickerbocker Avenue and Central Avenue riders are SOL, as they'll be out of service for the whole 10-month span. Sorry 'bout that.