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South Street Seaport's 60-Story Tower Reveals Pricing (Sort of)

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The development's approved offering plan reveals what condos will ask on average

With its perch on the East River waterfront and the views that will come with it, Fortis Property Group's forthcoming 60-story South Street Seaport tower was bound to be pricey. TRD reports that the building's offering plan has been approved by the AG, with a projected sellout of $272 million. That means the average ask for a condo in the 80-unit tower will be $3.4 million. (The building will also have 17 storage units for sale.)

Construction at the site of the Goldstein, Hill & West-designed tower began in July, around the same time developer Fortis reached a settlement with landlord Jack Resnick & Sons over the use of One Seaport, the tower's erstwhile name. Under the terms of the agreement, the development will be known as 1 Seaport, and its teaser site has been updated to reflect that.

The development is rising at 151 Maiden Lane on a site bounded by Front and South streets and Maiden and Fletcher streets.

1 Seaport

161 Maiden Lane, New York, NY 10038 Visit Website