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Bill Would Bring Electric Car Charging Stations to NYC Streets

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The proposal would have two to seven in each borough

Queens Council Member Costa Constantinides wants doesn’t want you to drive, but if you do, he’d like you to go green. To that end, he will propose a pilot program that would bring up to 35 curbside electric car charging stations to the city, the New York Daily News reported. The program would have two to seven stations installed in each borough, and reports would be generated on their use.

The city has converted some of its fleet to electric, and provided charging stations for them. See the row on the drive in Central Park at East 60th Street, right by Wollman Rink. Consumers have an ever-growing selection of electric vehicles out there, but need to be able to charge them. There are Tesla charging stations in many parking garages in Manhattan below about 96th Street, and, as Curbed NY reported back in 2014, one Brooklyn townhouse even came with a Tesla and charging station. The hope is that publicly-accessible curbside charging stations would get even more people to go electric.

"Obviously we're trying to get people out of cars first," Constantinides told the News. "But for those who still do purchase cars - and I drive a car myself - you want to go green ... If there's no infrastructure, there's no way to plug in, it's not going to be an option for you. You're not going to make that choice even if you want to make that choice."

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