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Chinatown's Sad Kitchen Shower Apartment Is No Longer Sad

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Peek inside the $1,795/month Chinatown apartment that ignited the Internet with its quirky layout

A sad kitchen shower does not an apartment make, or so ends the story of one Chinatown pad that ignited the Internet months ago with its less than desirable listing. Bedford + Bowery has followed up with Brooke Lucas, the someone who ended up paying $1,795 to live in the Internet-famous apartment with a small shower jammed into the space where one might expect a refrigerator to be. Lucas, a florist by trade who works out of her home, has transformed that sad space into a lovely little respite.

Lucas, an Australian transplant, welcomed the challenge, "I kind of had decided before I got here—I was like, unless it’s like the worst place in the world, I’m gonna take it," Lucas told B+B. "Then I kind of saw it and I was like, oh my god, this is going to be really weird. But it was so light and had a good energy and I just needed a place. And now I love it."

Living in 300 square feet in a fifth-floor walk-up might not be for everybody, but Lucas makes it work. See more photos from inside the apartment on B+B. Here's what the apartment looked like before Lucas: