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UES Residents ‘Shocked’ At Lack of Input on New Subway Entrance

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A developer wants to relocate one of the East 86th Street subway entrances

Following the news of a Brooklyn building's private subway entrance, DNAinfo is reporting on a similar development at an Upper East Side tower, but local residents are not at all enthused about the latter.

Developers behind the residential building at 147 East 86th Street are planning to remove an existing subway entrance at the corner of East 86th Street and Lexington Avenue to make room for retail. The new entrance will be located further along the sidewalk with a wider staircase.

What's more, all of this has already been approved by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), which signed a deal (for an undisclosed amount) with the developer for the new entrance, according to DNAinfo.

This has left several local residents angry about being shut out of the process completely. One of the busiest subway stops in the city, the 86th Street stop provides access to the 4,5, and 6 trains.

On the positive side, the deal requires the developer, Ceruzzi Properties, to also build an elevator entrance on the sidewalk for the station to be ADA-compliant.

An MTA spokesperson told DNAinfo that the new entrance would be beneficial to the community due to the wider staircase and the ADA compliance. Ceruzzi Properties does not need special approval to go ahead with the plans.

Local residents however want more answers - how will the new entrance impact pedestrian traffic, will it impact truck deliveries to the block.

In Brooklyn, Developers behind the AVA DoBro tower also inked a deal with the MTA to create a new subway entrance that will be accessible to the public when it opens.

There's no information yet on when the new 86th Street entrance will be built.