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In Brighton Beach, a Marble-Clad Mansion With a Pool Asks $3.5M

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The 5,200-square-foot house is just a block from the beach

Our semi-regular feature, Monday Mansion, examines the most interesting mega homes on the market in the far reaches of New York. Have a listing in mind that we're missing? Tell us about it. To the outer boroughs we go!

The 5,200-square-foot mansion at 227 Corbin Place is so decked-out in marble and so grand that one might think it's the home of a character from The Sopranos. That, or it's in Mill Basin, Brooklyn's number 1 destination for homes of this ilk. But it is neither. The five-bed, five-bath home is in Brighton Beach, and just a block from the beach at that. The Brooklyn mansion is looking for $3.5 million and comes with an in-ground pool, fully-equipped backyard kitchen and a driveway with room for six cars.