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MTA Will Finally Tackle Months-Long Stench in Bushwick Station

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Pertains to the L train platform at the Myrtle-Wyckoff station

What's the awful smell that's been plaguing commuters on the Myrtle-Wyckoff L Train stop? The Metropolitan Transit Authority finally has an answer, and it's not pretty. The agency admitted to a leak in a sewer pipe, the Daily News reports.

Commuters have had to deal with the nasty smell for the past couple of months now, but an MTA spokesperson told the Daily News that the city's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is working to fix the problem.

The stop also provides access to the M Train, though the smell complaints pertain to the L train platform underground, particularly along the tracks heading towards Canarsie (the Brooklyn bound side).

"It smells like a combination of garbage and poop — all the time," a commuter told the Daily News.