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Tribeca Crane Collapse Victim Will Seek $30M In Damages From City

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The crash fractured his spine and skull

A man injured in the Tribeca crane collapse in early February that left one person dead and several injured is suing the city for $30 million, the New York Daily News reported. Thomas O'Brien, who was sitting in his car and waiting for his daughter to finish a doctor's appointment, fractured his skull and spine when the crane crashed on top of his car.

According to O'Brien's lawyer he's still being looked at for brain damage and might need surgery for his spinal fractures, according to DNAinfo.

O'Brien also plans to sue the operator of the crane, its owner, and the owner of 60 Hudson Street, where the crane was being used to replace generators and air conditioning units on the top of the building.

According to the notice filed by O'Brien, the city knew of the imminent hazardous weather conditions but still allowed the crane to operate. Further the notice says that Department of Buildings representatives had cleared the ongoing work at the site just a day prior to the collapse.

Mayor Bill de Blasio issued strict rules for cranes operating in high winds after the accident with cranes needing to be secured when winds were in excess of 20 m.p.h, but that rule has since been abandoned with the limit back up to the original 30 m.p.h., according to DNAinfo, which is likely due to increased pressure from construction companies.