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Billionaire David Geffen's Penthouse Renovation Wreaks Havoc On His Neighbors

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Cracked walls, mysterious soot, and emotional distress are just a few things his neighbors are experiencing

Billionaire David Geffen is wreaking havoc on the lives and homes of his neighbors, a new lawsuit filed against the DreamWorks exec. claims. The mogul is gut-renovating his two-story penthouse at 785 Fifth Avenue, which required workers to anchor two lifts on the exterior of the building. Neighbors and self-described seniors Howard and Gloria Schwartz, who live six floors below the penthouse, say the lifts have caused immense damage to their home, like cracked walls, peeling designer wallpaper, and popped tiles, the Daily News reports, not to mention mental distress and health problems caused by the mysterious black soot that's coming out of the cracked walls.

The Scwartz's are seeking $2 million from Geffen in damages plus an additional $500,000 to cover their legal fees (which, for what it's worth, totals approximately .0004 percent of Geffen's net worth.) The lawsuit is one of 17 thrown at the billionaire by shareholders in the co-op, of which only six have been resolved.

Geffen purchased the apartment from socialite/singer Denise Rich in 2012 for $54 million after Rich renounced her citizenship and turned her passport in to save on taxes. Geffen's had plans since that time to overhaul the apartment, which has—or at least had—seven bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a gym and a full-blown recording studio. Here's a peek at what it looked like before the renovation: