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Extell's Midtown Properties May Give Way to Giant Shopping Mall

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Could also have a hotel or apartments on top of the retail

Just two months after it was revealed that Extell Development had quickly acquired a large number of midtown properties, a New York Post story is finally shedding some light on the development.

It will likely be an indoor shopping mall. The building would have it's entrance on Fifth Avenue and stretch between West 46th and 47th Streets, and possibly have either a hotel or an apartment building on top.

There's no information yet on the number of retailers, but it could also be home to a single department store. It would likely be a T-shaped building with an entrance on Fifth Avenue, and the store stretching north to south between West 46th and 47th Streets.

Gary Barnett, the president of Extell said all the plans so far are preliminary. The firm owns a total of 10 buildings along those streets and Fifth Avenue. Another option could also be a smaller retail venue and more office space.

Demolition on the old buildings is expected to start next month.