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Madonna Doesn't Want Riff-Raff to Park In Front of Her UES Megamansion

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The iconic artist is trying to call dibs in front of her townhouse

It looks like Madonna is taking the concept of dibs to a whole new level: According to a report by TMZ, the legendary artist is going to great lengths to keep people from parking in front of her Upper East Side megamansion, installing "Tenant Parking Only" signs outside of the home, and even having the words "No Parking" embedded into a curb cut.

According to TMZ, a neighbor called the Department of Transportation to complain, and officials have told the singer that her signage is a no-go, but whether or not she's removed it yet is TBD.

Madonna first bought the home back in 2009, and has since revamped it into what is essentially a very fancy gated community: the compound was made by combining three townhouses, and now has 13 bedrooms, a private gym, a dance studio, and a 3,300-square-foot garden.