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LaGuardia Airport Will Officially Get Less Terrible As $4B Revamp Is Approved

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The project is expected to break ground this year

Governor Andrew Cuomo's $4 billion revamp of LaGuardia Airport has been approved by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, ABC News reports via the Associated Press. The project is expected to break ground this year with the first phase of construction set to wrap up sometime next year. Part of the renovation includes the creation of a central terminal with connection to ferry and rail service.

A Wall Street Journal story from this past weekend suggested that the total cost would be closer to $5.3 billion, but the Port Authority has vociferously denied those claims. As reiterated in the Associated Press piece, the executive director of the Port Authority has said that the inflated costs are not related to the design and construction and pertain to previous expenditures.

This issue has caused friction within the agency, however, with Port Authority chairman John Degman saying that PA needs to focus on some of its other projects as well.