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The Frick Will Keep Its Beloved Garden Amid Renovation Efforts

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Details about the overall renovation haven't emerged yet

The Frick Collection's beloved garden is here to stay, the New York Times reports. Little has been of the museum's expansion efforts since it abandoned plans to build a six-story structure on top of the garden, which would have led to its destruction.

But the Times has now learned that the garden will stay, and the management is now looking at other options like underground space and nonpublic areas.

The museum has invited architects to submit proposals for the expansion, and so far they've shortlisted 20 with a firm expected to be selected by the end of the year and designs set to be unveiled early next year.

The renovation was prompted by the Museum's lack of space which has gotten even more pressing in recent years, the director of the Museum, Ian Wardropper told the Times.

Among the changes the Museum is hoping for include renovating the existing auditorium, adding more gallery space for its permanent collection as well as special exhibits, and opening up the second floor, which currently houses the administrative offices, according to the Wall Street Journal.