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Colorful Williamsburg Condo With Artsy Flair Wants $1.35M

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This duplex condo is kitted out with primary colors and modern touches

How do you make what could be an otherwise bland, all-white apartment into something unique? For the owners of this Williamsburg condo, currently on the market for $1.35 million, the solution was to add pops of color everywhere. There are Piet Mondrian-esque murals on the walls, modern furniture in shades of bright blue and yellow, and even a rainbow-colored sculptural piece next to a spiral staircase.

The color scheme could be overwhelming in a smaller space, but this apartment, located on North 3rd Street between Berry and Wythe Avenues, has the benefit of being pretty big. It's a nearly 1,000-square-foot duplex with high ceilings, with a second bedroom (or office) on a lofted space above the common area.

And there's at least one room where the De Stijl aesthetic is less prominent: the bathroom, which is outfitted with a large soaking tub, is all muted tones of gray. The apartment also comes with its own private underground parking space.