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Buy the Front Desk From Daniel Libeskind's Studio For $7,500

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Yes, really

We're used to seeing ratty old couches and pieces of quirky vintage furniture for sale on Craigslist, but apparently it's also where world-renowned architects go when they're trying to offload pieces of custom furniture. No, we're not joking: a listing recently appeared for a "one of a kind, historic, custom made reception desk" that's been used in starchitect Daniel Libeskind's office for the past decade.

A spokesperson for Libeskind's studio confirms that the desk is indeed for sale as the firm prepares for its impending move to 150 Broadway. Here are the desk's specs:

Made primarily out of wood, it is screwed together and clad in Aluminum. The desk can be assembled and re-assembled easily, without gluing or sawing. The table is shaped like an abstract "A" and is very large. It measures 13'11" along its "front" and 18' from corner to corner. There is a lot of desk space -- it can accommodate around three to four workstations.

Of course, a custom desk used by a famous architect doesn't come cheap: the asking price is $7,500. And there's one other caveat—you have to be willing to pick the thing up and move it yourself.

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