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NYC Apartments For Under $100,000 Do Exist, and Here's Where To Find Them

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See affordable properties in Brooklyn and the Bronx

Finding a home in New York City for under $100,000 is, contrary to what you might think, not totally impossible—you may not be getting a Park Avenue pad, or a space that's within a half hour's commute of Midtown, but there are deals to be had.

The folks at NeighborhoodX scoured various websites—StreetEasy, Trulia, and the like—to see if and where apartments under $100,000 can be found in the five boroughs—and as it turns out, Brooklyn and the Bronx are the best contenders, with a dozen that fit the bill. There are a few in the batch that would rightly be called fixer-uppers, and many of them are small, but they do have that whole "less-than-$100,000" thing going for them.

Check out a few of those properties below.

↑ In the Bronx (in the nebulous area between Spuyten Duyvil and Riverdale), there's this 550-square-foot studio in a co-op building, asking just $89,000. The apartment's kitchen was recently updated with new appliances, but per the listing, the bathroom "needs some TLC."

↑ The listings photos don't really make this Brooklyn studio look like anything special, but it's hard to argue with a place that's only asking $97,000. Per the listing, the apartment has a "separate windowed kitchen with stainless steel appliances & a lovely full bath."

↑ And back up in the Bronx, there's another Riverdale co-op, though this one is slightly bigger (750 square feet), but the kitchen is slightly older. It's in a building with a doorman, playroom, and "automatic Shabbat elevator," if that's a concern. It's going for $99,000.