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New Looks at ODA New York's Jenga-Like South Williamsburg Towers

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The megaproject, developed by Eliot Spitzer, will bring nearly 900 apartments to Brooklyn

Last year, erstwhile New York governor Eliot Spitzer revealed plans to bring three blocky towers to the South Williamsburg waterfront, each of which will rise 24 stories and will hold, in total, around 850 apartments (20 percent of which will be affordable).

While some exterior renderings had been revealed (and deemed "offensive" by Brooklynites and De Blasio advisers alike), a new batch of images discovered by 6sqft shows some new looks at the building. The new images show the public park and waterfront esplanade that will sit between two of the buildings, along with a close-up view of a tower and one of its rooftop pools.

The buildings are designed by ODA New York, and true to the firm's reputation, the towers have a boxy, Jenga-like feel, with plenty of outdoor space built into the design. Per 6sqft, excavation work on the site has already begun, paving the way for this development to mold the future of the neighborhood (along the Domino Sugar Factory development, a SHoP undertaking developed by Two Trees).