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One Year After East Village Explosion, Pols Call For Stricter Gas Laws

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The explosion killed two people and leveled three buildings

City Councilwoman Rosie Mendez is leading the charge to pass a set of bills that would prevent tragedies like the East Village explosion that killed two people, injured several others, and leveled three buildings in March 2015, DNAinfo reports.

Mendez along with other elected officials and community members gathered at the site of the explosion on Second Avenue this past Saturday to commemorate the one year anniversary of the explosion.

Mendez along with other elected officials is trying to pass a set of nine bills which will call for stricter measures such as ensuring that gas providers inform the Department of Buildings about shutting off gas supply to a particular building within 24 hours, and for the agency itself to conduct more frequent inspections.

Four people were indicted on manslaughter charges for the explosion in February including the owner of the buildings, Maria Hrynenko.

One of the sites leveled by the explosion, 123 Second Avenue, is now on the market for just under $10 million, and pols want to ensure that the owners don't benefit from the sale.