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Contemporary Brooklyn Heights Townhouse Cuts Asking Price to $2.75M

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The two-bedroom home is something of an outlier in stately Brooklyn Heights

When you think of Brooklyn Heights townhouses, you probably think of picturesque 19th-century brownstones, or stately Greek Revival structures. This house at 21 State Street doesn't quite fit the bill—for one thing, it was built in 1970, and for another, the facade is pretty different from the surrounding homes. It's far more modern (and narrower) than many of its counterparts.

The two-bedroom house is located on the corner of State Street and Columbia Place (just across the way from Adam Yauch Park, memorializing the late Beastie Boy), and this isn't the first time it's been on the market: It was listed last year (by Elliman) for $3.5 million, was de-listed in February at $3 million, and is back now with a $2.75 million asking price. (Living across from the BQE probably isn't helping things.)

So what does that get you, aside from living in one of the neighborhood's more unique properties? A private roof deck and a small backyard, for one, as well as totally revamped interiors, including a chef's kitchen, a library with custom built-ins, and a serene living/dining room set-up. (The bedrooms, however, could probably use some work.)