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Manhattan Apartments Under $200K Are Kind of Depressing: Chart

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They're all located in Upper Manhattan

Last week NeighborhoodX published a list of apartments on the market for under $100,000 all over NYC. The choices were far from bad, and there were some pretty great contenders in Brooklyn and Bronx.

Now NeighborhoodX has produced a list of apartments in Manhattan (only) for under $200,000 and most of the choices, as expected, are pretty depressing.

For one, they only found nine listings, and one of them has already gone into contract since the list came out. Of all the listings, only one was a market-rate one. While browsing through various websites like StreetEasy and Trulia, NeighborhoodX decided to include market rate and HDFC units, but excluded foreclosures or apartments where income-restricted tenants continue to live today.

All the apartments NeighborhoodX found were in the Upper Manhattan area and ranged in price from $165,000 to $200,000. The only market rate unit is a one-bedroom in Inwood, but the listing just has one photo.

There are a couple of passable ones though, like this two-bedroom in Manhattanville, and this one-bedroom in Hamilton Heights.