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Sunnyside Is Set to Get 200 Units of Affordable Housing

Plan requires rezoning of an industrial area

If developer Phipps Houses gets its way, 220 units of affordable housing will be coming to Sunnyside, Queens, just south of the rail yard. The developer has submitted documents for a complex at 50-25 Barnett Avenue, and will present them to the City Planning Commission on Monday, YIMBY reported. The plan requires the city to rezone the area, which currently allows low-density manufacturing and commercial use, into one that allows mixed-use residential and commercial development. This would also be one of the first projects shaped by Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Mandatory Inclusionary Housing (MIH) policy, recently ratified by the City Council.

As for the project itself, the building itself would rise up to 100 feet, and include a 4,800-square-foot pre-K. Twenty percent of the units would go to households earning up to 50 percent AMI, 30 percent would go to households earning between 80 and 100 percent AMI, and the other 50 percent would go to renters who make 130 to 165 percent AMI, the report said. The site is currently occupied by a parking lot, and across the street from Sunnyside Gardens complex, built by Phipps back in the 1930s.

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