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Soho Gas Station Closure Could Hurt Downtown in Emergencies

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With the BP station’s closure, only one station will remain below 14th Street

As we told you last week, the BP gas station at the corner of Lafayette and East Houston streets in Soho will close on April 14. It turns out its closure could have a real impact on the community if another disaster like Hurricane Sandy strikes Gotham, according to DNAinfo. Sure, drivers lined up to fill up their cars. But car-less residents also showed up, to get gasoline for generators.

"We learned from that gas shortage that occurred in Superstorm Sandy how important this resource is to a community, and now we find ourselves with no gas stations anywhere near," Damaris Reyes, executive director of Good Old Lower East Side and chair of emergency preparedness group LES Ready, told DNAinfo.

For Lower Manhattan drivers or residents in need of gasoline come April 14, the nearest options on the island will be two. There is a Mobil station on Eighth Avenue at West 13th Street and there is a BP station on 23rd Street, east of the FDR Drive. It might actually be more convenient to leave Manhattan to get gas.

As for the site of the BP in Soho, it will be replaced by a COOKFOX-designed office building. The Puck Fair bar just to the south is also closing soon, and held a farewell party last week.

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